Our Favorite Women-Owned Brands

Rachel Schultz founded Lerin to empower, uplift, and create opportunities for women. The company is run by women and catered to women’s preference. Rachel created each piece to make women feel their best in functional, fashionable clothing. Women are meant to empower, uplift, and help one another, and Lerin strives to do just that. Join us in supporting some of our favorite women-owned wellness businesses run by women and made by women.

Here are two of our favs:


CEO Katerina Schneider founded Ritual after searching for the perfect prenatal vitamin. She created the company to create vitamins with clean, better ingredients. The company prides itself on knowing where each ingredient comes from and why it is there. Ritual has vitamins tailored to meet your particular needs, whether it be gut health, multivitamins for pregnancy, or to take every day. They also have personalized protein packets for your age and daily shakes for pregnancy and postpartum.

Check them out at https://ritual.com/.

Moroccan Magic Beauty

Moroccan Magic Beauty prides itself on upgrading everyday products to become more enjoyable. Founder Kristina Tsipouras Miller launched in 2015. The company prioritizes using the best, most high-quality ingredients to produce beauty products that feel, look, and even smell good! Our favorite is the Moroccan Magic Argan & Essential Lip Balm in Pure Coconut. The product's few simple ingredients shine through in a hydrating, yummy lip balm that will surely be your new go-to.

Check them out at https://www.moroccanmagicbeauty.com/pages/about