Our Favorite Workout Classes

Posted by Lerin on Jul 6th 2022

Our Favorite Workout Classes

Finding the right workout class to attend can be very difficult. Here are a few of our favorites that give you a great sweat!

  • Pure Barre

Pure Barre seems like an easy workout to newcomers but is actually very difficult. Similar to pilates, the workout consists of tiny movements that help to target within. It helps to really tone and lengthen your muscles and is a great alternative to high cardio workouts to add to your routine. We enjoy going as the instructors are great and very motivating.

  • Barry’s

Barry’s is your typical kick-ass workout. There is no way you won’t leave here drenched in sweat, which is a great indicator that you really worked hard. The class is HIIT based and it will target your full body. If you’re looking for a challenging workout that will have you feeling stronger once you leave, definitely go to Barry’s.

  • Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle is a great uplifting fitness class that will allow you to get some cardio while also working your full body. The music they play in each class as well as the instructors provides a very motivating class. Your mind and body will feel refreshed after attending one of these classes. Your abs, legs, glutes and arms will all be worked while cycling. The speed and intensity of the workout changes throughout the 45 minutes. You will be cycling uphill at full speed at some points and then jog it out at some points.

  • Sweat440

Sweat 440 is a HIIT based workout focusing on strength and cardio. They change their workouts daily so you can attend them on a daily basis and never get bored. It allows you to get a full body workout while sweating. The instructors are also very motivating here and will encourage you throughout.

  • Bunda

Bunda is a stair master x weight training class and it is amazing! Each class is different and focuses on a different part of your body with the weight training. The stair routine is kept the same with 30 second to 1 minute pushes. The class consists of 3 rounds on and off the stair master. We just discovered this class this year and cannot get enough. We have been going every week. 

  • Tremble

Tremble is a pilates based cardio workout. It is a great and upbeat workout that is more difficult than it seems. The movements are small but really work your muscles within. It is a great alternative to your normal workout for a longer, leaner body.

  • MegaLit

MegaLit is in Midtown Miami and it is a LaGree method pilates class. It pushes you hard and you can really feel your abdominals working. The movements are slower which allows you to feel the movement better. If you're looking for a challenging class to really work your body, this class is for you. 

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